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Merci Handy Purifying Spray Unisex Personal Care Retailer: Lagardere
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N aturel cleansing hand spray, with essential oils, to take with you wherever you go. What's it for? Cleanses your hands with alcohol and spreads a lively, purifying aura around you. Why is it so extraordinary? Natural alcohol, derived from beet, cleans your hands at intergalactic speed. Glycerine makes your hands softer than a unicorn baby. The result: clean, soft hands and a purified mind. Fragrance: Based on essential oils of sage, tea tree and rainbow extracts, evoking a gentle, purifying fragrance. Team tip: You can use it to clean your hands or your intergalactic yoga mat, and you can also spray it all around you to enjoy its benefits and teleport yourself to another universe (on your favorite cushion or your pilou pilou plaid, for example).

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