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Lanson Coffret Black Label + Rose Wine Half Bottle Champagne Retailer: Lagardere
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The House of Lanson, founded in 1760 is one of the oldest Champagne Houses. Lanson selects grapes from over 500 hectares among the Champagne region's best crus. The Lanson style is distinguished by its freshness and vitality, intimately linked to the wine-making method, favouring the optimal development of the fruity aromas and maximizing the potential of the wines for laying down. The long resting period in the Lanson cellars (minimum 3 years for the Brut non vintage) leads to an ideal balance between fruitiness, freshness and elegance. Lanson Black Label is the essence of Lanson style. Lanson Rosé Label is one of the most sought after champagnes for its characteristic freshness.

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