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Arranges De Ced Les Rhums De Ced' Ananas Victoria Rum Retailer: Lagardere
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Rum punch based on Agricole rhum AOC Martinique‐ We select the best rums from Martinique and Guadeloupe as well as the top quality fruits. The fruits are picked at maturity. The same day they arrive at the Rhums de Ced’ workshop in St. Hilaire, France, all fruits are hand cut and bottled by hand. As a result of its extremely hands on production, Rhums de Ced’ provides a 100% natural and artisanal product, without aromas or conservatives added.
‐ With Golden glints, Victoria pineapple is the king of fruit from La Réunion, it offers you a fresh and tangy profile. Harvested at perfect maturity by the cooperative of the island’s local producers, our Victoria pineapples fully express themselves in our 100% artisanal recipe with a base of Agricole rhum, from La Martinique and a vanilla pod.

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